This is what we know. Caffeine is a drug found in some foods and drinks. It stimulates the nervous system thus the boost of energy you feel from consuming it. And yes, it appears in breastmilk quickly after mom ingests it but in small enough doses that it seems safe for mom to have about 300 mg per day (about three cups). Young and preterm babies process caffeine a bit slower which means that the effects of caffeine will probably last a little longer in those babies. Also, just like us, not all babies react the same to caffeine. Does your baby seem a little more irritable, jittery or sleep less after you drink coffee? Maybe you want to consider drinking a little less and see if that helps. Drinking a lot of coffee may decrease iron concentrations in your breastmilk. Babies need the iron you give them. So what am I saying? If you enjoy a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning or to drink with a friend and you are breastfeeding, no problem! Just limit the amount you drink per day, keeping in mind that caffeine is also found in energy drinks, tea, soda and chocolate. Be assured that you can enjoy your morning coffee and know that breastfeeding the best choice for you and your baby. Do you have other questions about this topic or any other topics? Leave a comment or contact me, I would love to hear from you!

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